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Rumble59 - Email Tasse Drop my anchor

Rumble59 - Email Tasse Drop my anchor

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Details Without question, you're not averse to the favorite drink of bearded sailors - but you definitely prefer a more sophisticated way of drinking, don't you? Then go get some rum and put it in this terrific mug made of finest enamel. May it serve you as the best container for the drink of your choice by land and sea. Retro-flair by enamel cup with anchor design. The enamel cup "Drop my anchor" in cream is decorated with a black edge and has a transfer brand in a scribbled look. Its blue branding "What shall we do with a drunken sailor" on the bottom of the mug shows you when it's time to refill again. Not only for rum - but you can use it for tea, juice and coffee, too. But let's be honest: We all know what we shall do with a drunken sailor - offer more rum in this jug, of course. Cheers! Enamel mugs are the absolute classics among coffee cups and very resistant and long-lasting because of the special production method. Due to its fired surface, enamel goods are resistant to fruit acids and alkalis as well as bacteria and dirt resistant. In addition, enamel is a natural, non-polluting material and can therefore be recycled. The details at a glance: Material: enamel Composition: high-quality enamel with a strong steel core Color: offwhite Size: height approx. 9 cm, capacity approx. 400 ml MADE IN GERMANY Suitable for all types of stoves, but also for the good ol' camping stove Acid and alkalis resistant Dishwasher safe 100% recyclable Your retro kitchen isn't decorated with any enamel products, just like in the good ol' days, yet? Then it's time for the first step into the right direction! This enamel cup from Rumble59 combines nostalgia, quality and design.

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Rumble59 - Email Tasse Drop my anchor
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